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About the Club Challenge

Postby whippetgood » Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:36 pm

If you belong to a dog club or can organise a group of five or more dogs, you can form a team and participate in the "Club Challenge".

Your teams ranking is worked out by adding the individual speeds of all of the dogs in your team to give a total team speed. The total team speed is then divided by the number of dogs in your team which gives a per dog average and determines your overall score. For example, a 10 dog team with a combined speed of 460kph (286mph) is 46kph (28.6mph) average per dog, so your overall team score is 46kph. Obviously the higher the team average, the better.

Dogs competing in the Club Challenge will also have their individual speeds entered into the individual overall results table.

The competition period will be 12 months and new team members can be added at any time. To create a team, just enter the team details in the "Club Challenge" section on the forum.

Advantages of the Club Challenge are that teams can share one GPS data logger between any number of team members thereby saving each member from having to buy in a GPS data logger. It also adds another club activity to keep members involved in the club between organised meetings and events. Remember, you only need 5 or more dogs to make up a team and you don't have to be a member of a registered dog club. You may even have 5 dogs of your own in which case you've already got yourself a team!
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